MacDev Droid Review

Review MacDev is an Australian based manufacturer of paintball equipment that started making aircraft parts. The Droid is a spool-valve marker released by MacDev in 2007. It is the first spool-valve marker developed by MacDev. The Droid is easily... Read More »

Vlocity Junior Dynasty Edition Review

Review I HAVE ONLY DROP TESTED THIS LOADER!!! The loader has a ton of features, these are: * Adjustable select force with 4 force modes * Force Run Time: Increased battery life by 30% * Custom tension paddle spring... Read More »

Draxxus Frostbite Paintballs Review

Review I used this paint on a walkon event, the weather was exceptional warm and dry. Although I worried that the paint wouldn’t stand up well as they where designed for cold weather. This was later quashed and i... Read More »

Bob Long Marq Rapper Review

Review Released in 2007 as a slight step up from the now-discontinued Marq7, the Rapper is identical internally to the Marq6 (later revision) and Marq7 that preceeded it, only the milling and weight being different. The Rapper is, like... Read More »

JT Elite Alpha Mask Review

Review I have used this mask for several games, both outside in the cold, and indoor in an urban combat scenario. At all times the mask has largely kept free from misting (although I did use anti-fogging compound), even... Read More »

Tippmann Markers General Review

Review Tippmann is one of the most well know names in the paintball industry to date and is known for making some of the most commonly used mechanical markers available. Firstly all Tippmann guns have the disadvantage of being... Read More »