Invert Halo Too Review

Review The Halo Too is Inverts first attempt to make a hopper.  Instead of starting from scratch like Dye did, they took a trusted design (Empire Reloader B) and built on that.  They improved the construction by using a... Read More »

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Draxxus Frostbite Paintballs Review

Review I used this paint on a walkon event, the weather was exceptional warm and dry. Although I worried that the paint wouldn’t stand up well as they where designed for cold weather. This was later quashed and i... Read More »

Angel 1 Review

Review Released in 2006, but still produced, the Angel 1 is the current mid-level marker from APS. Received a bad reputation when it was first released due to quality issues on their initial version of the bolt and ram.... Read More »

Tippmann Markers General Review

Review Tippmann is one of the most well know names in the paintball industry to date and is known for making some of the most commonly used mechanical markers available. Firstly all Tippmann guns have the disadvantage of being... Read More »

White Box Paintballs

Review White box paint balls are cheap paint balls which are perfect for either training, practice or just testing. The paintballs are often seconds which means they where not suitable for market as they have some defects and maybe... Read More »

Welcome to UK Paintball Review

Welcome to UK PB The newest on-line paintball reviews, striving to provide legitimate and in depth reviews on the newest and latest paintball equipment and gear This is the latest and best website for all paintball related reviews.... Read More »