Dye Rotor

Review The Rotor is Dye’s first entry into the land of loaders. It’s unique in that it is a constant-on loader, not using eyes, sound, or a bend sensor of some form to feed, but maintains constant pressure with... Read More »

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Mikko Huttunen Limited Edition DM9 and PM8’s

Well just got wind of Mikko Huttunen Limited edition DM9 and PM8’s, looks like one limited edition DM9 image below. And 4 PM8’s. Well feel free to send us any information you may have! There will be 15 limited... Read More »

Dye Lock Lid Pods Review

Review These pods are awesome, they are probably the best pods i have ever had the pleasure of using. They open easily with one hand, look great, feel good, just a wow all around! The new dye lock lid... Read More »

Angel A1 Fly Review

Review WDP really set the bench mark when they unleashed the Angel 1, offering greater accuracy, smaller size and increased reliability over its predecessors; the A4-based A4 Fly and A4. So lets face it, they were only going to... Read More »

Welcome to UK Paintball Review

Welcome to UK PB Review.com The newest on-line paintball reviews, striving to provide legitimate and in depth reviews on the newest and latest paintball equipment and gear This is the latest and best website for all paintball related reviews.... Read More »