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Here at UK PB Review we accept reviews at all times, and we pride ourselves on the quality of the reviews that we receive. We accept; word documents via email, PDF via email, Text documents via email, HTML message via email.

The review you write will obviously have personal comments, but it is best to have and open mind when writing a review. This will make the quality of your review much higher. We also recommend that you thoroughly know and have tested the product you are reviewing.

Once you have written your review please check for spelling, grammar and any other problems with the review as this saves time for us!

We recommend that you use the word document template to begin with and get to grips with the layout of the reviews on this site.

file-doc-128Download Word Template file-pdf-128Download PDF Template

Once you have either used the template or completed your review then you can send it to us at review [at] or info [at]

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