For Sale!

UK PB Review is now for sale. Offers sent to info Unfortunately due to other commitments and a change of circumstances I have to put UK PB Review up for sale, it is a profitable website already... Read More »

MacDev Cyborg RX

MacDev Cyborg RX Review  Marker Setup: Barrel: MacDev Matchstik Barrel, MacDev Shift Barrels Loader: Hyperdrived Vlocity, Pinokio Tank: MacDev Legionnaire Paint: WPN, MacDev, Splat Factory, Proto Climate: Tropical climate, humid. Avg temp 28-35*C   Other notes: − Hammer V2... Read More »

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Dye NT

Dye NT Review Review Product Setup: 2010 NT stock, UL barrel, Prophecy, 68/4500 The NT is Dyes latest marker. Marketed as being incredible efficiency from a spool valve, their marketing hype breaks down when you test it. This is... Read More »

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Impulse Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Well over at PBNation Deltapaintball has posted and all you need to know impulse section, here are the questions and answered posted at PBnation. Impulse Frequently Asked Questions May 28, 2009 Smart Parts, Inc. 1-800-922-2247 What barrel thread... Read More »

New Impulse, Hype and Exclusive Images!

Update 3: Video of actual marker added! Update 2: Further images of the pre production samples of the blue and red impulse, see end of post. Update 1: It has officially been launched here is the press release and... Read More »

MacDev Droid Review

Review MacDev is an Australian based manufacturer of paintball equipment that started making aircraft parts. The Droid is a spool-valve marker released by MacDev in 2007. It is the first spool-valve marker developed by MacDev. The Droid is easily... Read More »

Mikko Huttunen Limited Edition DM9 and PM8’s

Well just got wind of Mikko Huttunen Limited edition DM9 and PM8’s, looks like one limited edition DM9 image below. And 4 PM8’s. Well feel free to send us any information you may have! There will be 15 limited... Read More »

Proto Matrix 8 (PM8) Review

Review The last marker in the real Matrix line for Proto, most people would say this marker made it that there was no reason to step up to the DM8 (and many, myself included, believe that’s why there isn’t... Read More »

First Endeavor Paintball Quest

Review The Quest is one of the more underrated markers. Many people have never even heard of them, much less used them. They initially had very poor quality control, and issues plagued the markers for quite some time after... Read More »

Bob Long Marq Rapper Review

Review Released in 2007 as a slight step up from the now-discontinued Marq7, the Rapper is identical internally to the Marq6 (later revision) and Marq7 that preceeded it, only the milling and weight being different. The Rapper is, like... Read More »

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