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The Pinokio is a continued evolution of the old Richet loaders. As such, it’s based on a very tried and true technology, but very evolved for the modern game.

MUCH faster than the old Ricochets, as it now truly does force the paint down the feedneck instead of merely agitating it. Therefore is able to reach speeds in the 20’s of bps. However, it is not FULL forcefeed, and doesn’t maintain pressure on the stack, so it may not keep up if you use a breakout mode on your marker.

Another of the high end hoppers, this retails at $150 also. However, it offers some things that make that price easier to swallow: runs on 2 9V, and the batteries last nearly forever. I have had it for a year now, and am still on my first set. There is nothing to program, nothing to change. Press power to turn on, press again to turn off. The feedneck is VERY sturdy, but very thick, it won’t fit in my Marq feedneck without sanding it. The STANDARD capacity nose holds 250. The namesake nose (included in the price, you don’t have to purchase seperately) holds a full 400 paintballs. Obviously, with 400 paintballs in your hopper, it’s rather heavy.

Designed to be water resistant, and the suggested way of cleaing is to take the nose off, and lightly spray the insides down with water and wipe down. So not as easy to clean as a Rotor, but far easier than previous generation of loaders.

Some will knock on the bend sensor. It has been red redesigned to be much more durable than the previous generations of this type of loader, so doesn’t break after continued wear. And offers a reliable feeding method that can’t be blocked by paint, or thrown off by shooting a super quiet marker.


Battery efficiency


Easy to take apart

No eyes to get clogged




Heavy if you use the Pinokio nose



My favorite hopper. Easy to own, easy to use, holds plenty. No nearly as tall ongun as it looks like it would be. Just an overall fantastic hopper.

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