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MacDev Cyborg RX Review 

Marker Setup:

Barrel: MacDev Matchstik Barrel, MacDev Shift Barrels

Loader: Hyperdrived Vlocity, Pinokio

Tank: MacDev Legionnaire

Paint: WPN, MacDev, Splat Factory, Proto

Climate: Tropical climate, humid. Avg temp 28-35*C


Other notes:

− Hammer V2 installed, all other components stock.

− Reviewer’s marker purchased in December 2008.

− Marker comes with 14″ Matchstik barrel, barrel sock, ball Allen key set (Imperial), MacDev Militia lubricant, stickers.

− Semi-hard storage casing sufficient to protect marker against damage out of play (dropping, collisions, etc.)

− Marker threads are autococker threads

− All screws require Imperial measurement Allen keys


Main Review:

The Cyborg RX is the latest generation of MacDev’s Cyborg marker line, all poppet valves, released in late 2008 and intended for use through 2009/10, when a newer version will presumably be released.

The Cyborg, over the five/six months of testing it has been through, is performing admirably.



The consistency, as one might expect, varies depending on the length of time after maintenance and quality of said maintenance. From one to two days after maintenance, the chronograph reading has been +-2 or 3 at the most. After about seven days (of 5 hours’ use each) without maintenance, the worst has been +-10 or so. The marker has been kept maintained weekly after this testing period, so the effects on consistency for periods greater than 7 or 8 days of use have not been tested.



Unfortunately your reviewer has yet to acquire the money required to conduct a proper efficiency test. However, on average a 3500-4000 hot fill has gotten me through 2-4 games with still about 2000-2800 left in the tank, depending on how much paint is shot and how many games go on. Bottom line, you’ll always run out of paint before you run out of gas, unless something’s wrong with your marker. (No guarantees here if you take 8+ pods out there, your reviewer only carries between 2-4 at any one time)


Maintenance/Marker Care

This is the most improved aspect of the Cyborg RX. Between the bolt sleeve and the dust filter on the Gladiator HPR, the amount of dirt and debris that enters the marker has been reduced considerably. Maintenance has also been made considerably easier, as almost all the internal components of the marker are arranged in a single drive train, and can be removed all at once in a single tube, besides the LPR, which can easily be removed from the front.

This is a huge improvement over the Cyborg 07, in which the whole marker had to be deconstructed to some extent in order to perform a full maintenance, which could take up to an hour, allowing for complications. With the Cyborg RX, the most extended maintenance/troubleshooting session your reviewer had to do was 45-55 minutes long, including resolving said trouble, lubricating all required internals, consulting the internet and manual, and looking for screws rolling off into dark places. The fastest (albeit not necessarily well done) full maintenance your reviewer has managed to achieve is somewhere in the region of 7 minutes and 25 seconds. Those with more patience or dexterity will probably be able to outdo this, although attempts to do so are not recommended, lest you snap an eye wire or something.

Also as quick note, the RX has not failed to work once yet over the period of testing (Apart from the time a certain someone forgot to turn on his ASA).



The stock board is remarkably reminiscent of the Tadao Yakuza board for the older Cyborg models, and features a bright blue OLED display, as well as a BPS counter, an indicator to show the eye status (ball chambered, no ball chambered, error, off), a RoF cap indicator, battery power and tourney lock status.

The programming mode also contains a large amount of customisable settings, including:

− Mechanical Debounce

− Anti Bolt Stick

− Cycle Filter

− Ball Settle Delay

− Dwell [Recommended value 8-12]

− Eye Operation Method [Forced/Delay]

− Automatic Power Off Time [Off/5 – 60mins)

− Game Timer [On/Off] (Replaces BPS Counter)

− Display Brightness [1-5]

− Profile management, including loading and saving up to 3 settings profiles

− Debounce

− Cycle Rate [up to uncapped, but in reality has a 29.8 BPS cap]

− Cycle Modes [Capped & Uncapped Semi/PSP Ramp & 3Shot/NXL Ramp/Max & Min Ramp/Semi Auto/A few more I can’t remember right now)



The Cyborg, although feels very good to play with, does not have that tight feel. This is because the Cyborg was designed with the HPR about one and a half inches forward from the gripframe, and therefore does not have the tight feel of other smaller markers, such as the Mini or G3. However, the grip is a huge improvement over the boxy Cyborg 07 grip.

The feel of the shot is solid with a negligible amount of kick, although your reviewer personally does wish it was a bit quieter, but this is achievable through proper tuning and breaking in. Once broken in, set the HPR to about 180 psi, and adjust velocity from the LPR, and there should be an increase in shot efficiency and quietness (Or so your reviewer is told).

The trigger is a flattened sabre trigger, uses a microswitch, and will be comfortable for those who like using this trigger style. For those preferring a sythe trigger, the Violent Series Droid trigger can be used with the RX, with a bit of sanding down.



Every marker has its issues, however. Firstly, there were some rough edges in the milling, most noticeable just under the LPR and around the eye cover sockets. These do not affect performance in anyway, and are merely aesthetic defects.

Be careful when removing the eye cover screws, as they strip extremely easily. To avoid this, use only the MacDev Allen keys that come with the marker to remove those screws, and use only the hex end to unscrew them. Do the same when replacing them, and be sure not to over tighten the screws. A little tighter than hand tight will be sufficient.

According to a friend, the hose running just next to the solenoid seems to have issues with leaking in warm weather, and changing it may be very troublesome (Mentioned something about unscrewing something while rotating the solenoid one way and the other). However, this has never occurred on my own Cyborg over my months of testing.

Also, the brass ram that was installed in the Cyborgs during their initial release had serious defects, destroying the bolt and ram. However, MacDev has already sent out updated V2 stainless steel rams for free to those who had the brass rams, and also presumably fitted their subsequent Cyborgs with the new SS rams, so this issue has already been resolved.

Not sure if this is an issue, but for some reason, a large amount of lubricant materialised next to the hose next to the solenoid, presumably through a hole for air leading into the drive train area. Did not cause any issues, and is easily cleaned with a Q-tip.

Some have also complained that the LPR cap wiggles around a bit, although I have found this to be useful in that when the marker is gassed up, the LPR cap is stiff, allowing me to tell if there is air in the marker. (I should probably note now that the MacDev ASA vents all the gas from the marker, although on occasion, it has not done so. This is being investigated, but rather strangely, it seems that the positioning of the macroline has something to do with it.).

Also note that sometimes dirt from the playing field does get stuck on the grip’s rubber extrusions. Easily cleaned by removing the grip and washing under water and wiping out dirt with cloth or a tissue. Remember to dry it completely before refitting it to your marker.



As a user spending a large amount of money on this marker, you might find the flaws listed in the last section somewhat daunting. However, believe your reviewer when he says that the benefits provided by this marker definitely outweigh its shortcomings. Like any other marker, if you take good care of it, it will take good care of you.



Reviewer: Douglas Chung

Date of Review: May 17th, 2009

Name of item: MacDev Cyborg RX

Manufactures Website:

Price: $1150 – $1350 USD, depending on taxes, markups, etc.

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