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The Rotor is Dye’s first entry into the land of loaders. It’s unique in that it is a constant-on loader, not using eyes, sound, or a bend sensor of some form to feed, but maintains constant pressure with a limited slip differential motor.

The material it is made of is VERY sturdy. This is probably the loader that can take the most abuse without even flinching. However, the drawback is that even though it holds only about the same amount of paint as the original HaloB, it is SIGNIFICANTLY heavier. There is a high capacity shell made for it that brings the capacity up close to 250, but adds a bit more weight.

Retailing at $150, this isn’t a budget hopper. But it uses only 3 AA batteries, and gets GREAT battery life. It also is AMAZINGLY simple to take apart, far easier than any other hopper made.

The Rotor when first released had jamming issues, and the anitjam would fail to work, but Dye has since redesigned it somewhat, and the antijam now works exactly as it should. The ONLY issue is that some people report that they still jam constantly with reball. I have not had this issue personally, having shot maybe 10 pods of reball through my Rotor, and had only a single jam, which cleared no issues.


  • Battery efficiency
  • FAST
  • Easy to take apart
  • No eyes to get clogged


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Small Capacity

To get a good capacity, will cost EVEN more, weigh even more


If you don’t want to ever have a hard time taking apart your hopper, don’t want to worry about having to clean eyes, and don’t want the shell to break regardless if you go into real combat with it (ok, maybe not THAT sturdy), this is the hopper to have.


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