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The Halo Too is Inverts first attempt to make a hopper.  Instead of starting from scratch like Dye did, they took a trusted design (Empire Reloader B) and built on that.  They improved the construction by using a much more durable material.  They used a board that is essentially identical to the Reloader B2 board, which offers the advantages of adjust-ability.  In order to fight in the more value oriented segment, they reduced the number of batteries from 6 to 4.  This reduces the maximum speed of the hopper, but it’s still plenty fast enough to keep up with modern tourneys.  And if you have a 6 AA pack from a Halo/Reloader or one of the battery packs, it’ll fit and go just as fast.

Size is identical to the HaloB/ReloaderB.  Although it weighs a bit more due to the material it’s made of, this is a very welcome change as the shells are MUCH more durable.  Halo/Reloader speed feeds fit on this, as do rip drives with the extended prop shaft.  I have never tried, but have read that the Magna clutch kit will also fit on the Halo Too without issue.


  • Familiar Design
  • Lots of after-market parts since it takes Halo parts
  • No eyes to get clogged
  • Light


  • Capacity
  • Heavy if you use the Pinokio Nose



While not a bad value at $70, the Viewload EyeForce is $20 cheaper, and holds ~20 more paintballs.  Is about the same speed, and easier to take apart to clean.  On the other end, the original Prophecy is now only $30 more expensive, faster on the same amount of batteries, gets better battery life, and holds ~50 more paintballs.  Kinda stuck in that “middle ground” where it’s good, but not good enough in any area.

By: Timothy L. Miller


Manufacturers Website: Invert


Rating: 4 Stars

Setup: N/A

Invert Halo Too Gallery

lLots of aftermarket since it takes Halo parts

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