Breaking News Arabis by Angel Paintball Sports

Well we have just got news of the much anticipated Arabis Line from Angel Paintball Sports. There has been a lot of speculation and excitement about this release, many debated on what it would be and forums went wild! Finally we can enlighten you all, Arabis is a line of scenario clothing. This collection of clothing includes 3 elements, Starting with a jersey, pants and Shemag.

The first viewings and launch of the new line will be at Skirmish USA’s Invasion of Normandy July 18 and 19, so to all you lucky enough to go and have a look tell us what you think and have a good look!

The line will be available in 2 colours a Olive Drab and Brown, there are very few images at the moment, but rest assured as we find more information we will update you all!

We look forward to seeing these, and getting a hands on! Gallery Follows

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  1. Austin
    April 9, 2010, 2:21 pm

    nice sniper

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