Valken Sneak Peak Event (Today)


Well today is the Valken Paintball Sneak Peak day! Many lucky people are down at Gino’s testing his paint and having a good old look at what he has to offer! The image below shows what could be

The site was updated to fit today you can see at and this image was posted;

teaseClick for full size!

Well i will keep you all posted with the updates as i hear them! Congratulations to all you selected and have a fantastic day!

Ok got some quotes from PBNation, from the people who have tested the products,

“We were not allowed to take anything in preview area that may take photos!

Paint: I only shot the Orange paint which if I am correct is their high end. Shot very straight, Chrono was a +/- 6 with using .691 barrel. Broke on soft target spots i.e. inner leg area and I had one break on my heavily padded forearm which hasn’t happened to me in a long time. The fill seemed nice and thick. I know they had some of the mid-grade there but I didn’t shoot it.

Soft Goods: Pants, Jerseys, Pads, Packs, Gloves. All looked very well constructed. They were padded in all the right places. Ventilation looked great. Their low end pants looked interesting, they are a new material. They are built similar the Empire Line but with more attention to detail. Some of the designs are reminiscent( to me) of the old Raven Styles. We were told some things may change at production. But if they keep as is, I think they will have a hit on their hands. Pricing as I was told will be comparable to better to what is available now.

End Note: When available I will be looking to buy just about the entire Soft Goods Line. I hope they release a line of Hard Parts with the same quality and attention to detail.”


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