Breaking News, Valken Paintball New Paintball Line

Breaking News

Valken’s New Paintballs

UPDATE 2: I have had more news of possibly a new marker from Valken, Hopper, Playing Gear and Goggles. (Added another image of ZinG)

UPDATE: Video now added, a short clip of somebody test shooting the new paintballs! Also further hints towards a cheaper/more reasonably priced paintball.

Valken paintball has released its names and packaging designs of its new up and coming paintballs. It consists of 3 new lines of paintballs ranging in price and quality, these three new lines will be introduced as soon as Valken begins its paintball store. The basic package is ZinG, it is said to be the base price and have a medium quality.


The second is Breach, this is said to be the middle of the range. Having a quality higher than Zinc but not to the same quality as Graffiti, and a pricing between ZinG and Graffiti. The Last but not least is Graffiti, is made for a serious tournament player. It will be of the highest quality and still keep a competitive price. An interesting development in the paintball world.

The new paintballs will allegedly be very competitively priced and be available on the field soon. We look forward to seeing these and trying them out!

Link: Valken Paintball




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