White Box Paintballs


White box paint balls are cheap paint balls which are perfect for either training, practice or just testing. The paintballs are often seconds which means they where not suitable for market as they have some defects and maybe not be correctly manufactured.

These paintballs are perfect for all practice and training because if it breaks you have time to clean your barrel. It is the cheapest paint you will buy and is often what cheaper rental sites offer you. the paint is cost effective overall and should not be used in tournaments or games (not advised).

Although for the price this paint is ideal and would be great just to get some practice and understand how your gun fires and performs.


  • Cheap
  • Coloured Fill
  • Ideal for practice
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Breaks Easily
  • Often Seconds
  • Poor Quality

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By: Cam & Kyle Ronan


Manufacturers Website: Various Websites/Stores





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