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Welcome to UK PB Review.com The newest on-line paintball reviews, striving to provide legitimate and in depth reviews on the newest and latest paintball equipment and gear

This is the latest and best website for all paintball related reviews. Each is written by the community for the greater good of the community. Please bear in mind that there will be some personal comments that you may not agree with, if so please feel free to leave a comment at the end of the review. Over 2009 we will be working to pack the website with some of the best paintball reviews.

If you are a paintball player and willing to contribute to our reviews database, then please submit a review. This will allow us to build a much bigger review knowledge base and increase the wealth of information this site holds!

Please use the easily colour coded bars to browse the categories;  (these are along the top)

Accessories/Misc (Red)

Clothing/Gear (Orange)

Goggles/Masks (Green)

Markers/Guns (Blue)

Paint (Pink)

We also have many Paintball Site reviews, through out the UK there are thousands of sites to play, now you can view each one and make an informed decision.


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