V Force Grills Review


The most recent model to come from V Force, the Grills feel as good as they look – offering you over 12 different variations of colours.

With a mixture of ridged plastic and rubber they offer a great deal of protection for a vast variety of head shapes and sizes (and lets face it, there are some big heads out there). The chunky foam around the eyes and optional side padding along with the light weight design make these goggles a dream to wear for long periods. Along with the great ventilation and ‘Thermo-cured’ lenses, its rare that you will ever suffer from fogging up mid game.

Its obvious that V Force have put a great deal of thought into the design of these goggles. The simple yet highly effective design gives the (largely thrown-about) term ‘quick disassembly’ a whole new meaning, letting you change lenses within a matter of seconds. Anyone who’s ever owned a pair JT Flew 8’s (including myself) will greatly appreciate this thoughtfulness. But not only can you change lenses quickly, you have a good choice of replacements too, including a variety of colours in: tinted, mirrored and my person favourite photochromatic.

Unfortunately all this doesn’t tend to come cheap, at and RRP around the £70/£75 mark they’re not the most expensive goggles on the market but they’re certainly up there. Although saying that, a quick search on the internet should help you pick up a pair for around £60.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great coverage/field of view
  • Great choice of lenses


  • Expensive
  • No Fan


All in all the best goggles I’ve ever owned/used, so much so I own two pairs. The only reason I didn’t give them 5 stars was due to the fact that you are unable to pick up at fan for them, which to be totally honest hasn’t really bothered me as these babies have never fogged up on me. Piece of cake to disassemble, great choice of lenses and of course they look bloody brilliant!

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By: Jay (Altair)


Manufacturers Website: V Force






Setup: V Force Grills, Photochromatic Lens

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