Tippmann 98 Custom


The Tippmann 98 Custom is one of the best selling paintball markers, very popular with rental sites and many entry level players will have used this marker. It has become so popular due to its hardy casing and ability to resist bumps and scrapes. The marker is a very basic entry level marker, featuring a simple blow back bolt and the ability to be used on CO2 and HPA. The marker is most common in either scenario players or rental sites. Durability is a major feature although i also is one of the most dependable markers you can buy.

The marker is one of the most customizable markers on the market with hundreds of upgrade options from barrels to bolts. The marker is semi automatic meaning that one pull of the trigger is one shot, and two pulls is two shots. this means that users can fire as little or as much as they like much more than if they where to use an electronic marker.

The marker is built in two halves meaning it is easy to strip and rebuild perfect for beginners and the less experienced not to mention pro’s, the pure stability of this marker is astonishing. the way that it can be thrown, beaten and battered and still fire in a straight line is impressive. I think that the main feature of this marker is its durability, although it is a recommendation to upgrade the barrel and add a drop forward it is a perfect marker for anyone who wishes to start paintball.

The marker does its best to prevent chops and the latest model does this well, although older well used markers seem to chop and break a lot of paint and this is something any new player should watch for. The feed rate of 8 bps is suitable for all scenario and woodsball meaning you can either go slow and steady or unload on the enemy.

This marker is a fantastic all round marker and perfect for all entry, mid and pro level players, the marker is one of the best you can buy and certainly the most reliable.


  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong
  • Consistency
  • Cost Effective
  • Accurate
  • Upgradable


  • Chops
  • Heavy
  • Slow

Forum Discussion

By: Kyle Ronan


Manufacturers Website: Tippmann





Setup: Standard Tippmann 98 Custom, No mods with basic hopper running on HPA

Facts and Figures

Caliber: 0.68
Action: Semi-automatic
Power: CO2, compressed air, nitrogen
Hopper Capacity: 200
CO2 Capacity: NA
Feed rate: 8 BPS
Firing rate: 8 BPS
Trigger: Standard
Barrel length: 8.5 inches
Length: 19.6 inches
Weight: 2.9 lbs (without tank)
Effective Range: 150+ ft

Tippmann 98 Custom Gallery

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  1. Camo
    March 15, 2009, 8:55 pm

    one of my lads has a 98 custom. its quite a nice bit of kit. i’ve fired it a few times and serviced it for him as well. so this is my review:

    good points:

    -its bullet proof. the 98 has the tippy quality. you can set the ting on fire and probably still fire okay.

    -the flatline upgrade adds the most range than the flatline for the A5 or the X7.

    -the marker is easy to take apart.

    -there are so many different upgrades that you can buy, making the marker as good as you wish to make it.

    Bad points:

    -there are several little springs and screws that like to suddenly and violently escape from the marker, when you take it apart. the best bet is to keep the work area around you clear and keep the technical manual close by.

    -the marker has a nasty tendency to barrel rise when you fire quickly. this could be sorted by buying a stock.

    once again, this is just my ten cents. i’ve used the marker several times, however these points are only the initial things that i have picked up.

    hope this helped-Camo

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