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The Smart Parts Ion is a fabulous “first” marker, High rates of fire straight out of the box. This marker is able to compete with the more expensive markers with the right upgrades. Upgrades for this marker and in abundance and can dramatically improve the usability of the marker. The aftermarket range of upgrades means you can alter every inch of your marker and increase its ability massively.

For a beginner the ability to take the smart parts out of the box and begin using it and competing with other players is a massive feature. This means you can start playing immediately!

This is an ideal entry level marker and comes in a wide range of colours shape and size. This marker is recommended for anyone who wants a simple and effective entry marker and recommended to the beginner who is still learning.


  • Low Cost
  • High rate of fire out of the box
  • Reliable
  • Hundreds of “after market” upgrades


  • Trigger, Possibly the worst stock trigger ever put on a “electro” marker. Plastic and wobbles side to side A LOT.
  • Feedneck, Stock feedneck again is acceptable, but would be one of the first items to upgrade on my list.
  • With any QEV installed it can be quite hard on paint, leading to a few breaks in the barrel.
  • No “bolt out back” system, meaning the whole marker has to stripped down to clean the bolt.


Fantastic marker for the price of it. Able to compete with some stock “higher end” markers, with the right upgrades.

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Manufacturers Website: Smart Parts

Price:£70.00-£110 Second Hand




Setup: SP Ion, Firebolt, 360 QEV. Empire reloader B2, Diablo formula 13 paintballs

Smart Parts Ion Gallery

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