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The product I will be reviewing today ladies and gentlemen is the Proto Switch line of paintball masks. Now the first thing you should know is that being made by Dye (as proto is a subsidiary made by dye) is that you are getting good quality from a respected company.

Second is that proto gear although usually good doesn’t normally meet the same level as its big brother, however at about half the price it’s a good trade off, anyway on to the review.

The Switch line of masks come in two Forms EL (cheapest) and FS (better). The differences between the 2 as far as profile and styling are almost nothing, with the main difference being construction material. The EL mask is made of hard plastic all the way through, where as the mouth piece/grill on the FS is made of a softer, bendable plastic meaning more likely to bounce rather than break.

The FS also comes with an Anti-fog lens as standard, where as the El does not. For these reasons, I will be concentrating on the FS for the duration of this review however most of it will translate back to the EL. First is that this is what I call a full coverage mask, meaning that it not only protects your face but a good portion of your neck and your ears. The advantage of this is that if you get hit you won’t feel it as much, and you also don’t have to buy new ear protection pieces when your old ones fall off, unlike some other masks. However this also means that the mask has a much larger profile then some of the more expensive, more compact, masks. This means you’re more likely to get paint in your face then a ball whistling past your ear. However this again is also a trade of price wise.

Another advantage of this mask is that it is comfortable, or at least I found it was, and fits securely to your face, which as far as masks go is a fairly important feature. My personal favourite feature of this mask however is nothing to do with performance as far as a mask is concerned, I’ll get to that later, but to do with simply looks. Being a reviewer I try and keep my reviews subjective and not let personal opinions come into it too much but this mask just looks awesome.
The shape and styling of this mask reminds me vaguely of a certain green armoured space marine, that I won’t name in case of copyright. And being a big fan of the said video game character this is certainly a huge plus. However personal opinions aside back to the review, again.

Performance wise this mask works well the mask didn’t fog while playing all day and during a 30 minute woods ball game that is very important. Another important thing to mention is that while running and sliding it didn’t slip or shake at all even without the chin strap it comes with. Speaking of which I should really tell you the features of this mask, well like most it comes with a chin strap ( became common after a baller sued for his mask getting shot off. Which incidentally I did to my friend Jamie) and although I don’t like them personally it’s nice to see.

The only bad thing is that if you are inclined like me to remove it you have to cut it off. Lens switching is also very fluid with this mask you don’t have to spend ages taking it apart, you simply rotate to “locks” the strap is attached to , remove this and your lens place in the new one and lock back in place, Easy. Like most masks it comes in a Varity of colours including, blue, red, camo ECT and also has a range of the standard lenses of clear, amber, mirrored, smoke. The mask has an optional shade visor/peak to keep the rain/sun out of your lens and although it is a nice idea and looks cool, it again increases the profile of the mask meaning you would be better off with a headband. A good mask , not the best , but certainly not the worst.


  • Cheap
  • Doesen’t fog
  • Can upgrade to include fan
  • Fits face well
  • Looks like a well known games character helmet


  • Large profile
  • Fan is loud
  • Hearing muffled slightly
  • Smells after a long day…


All in all I think that this is a good mask, especially for the price, which is under £30 in case I forgot to mention that. There are some faults with it such as a largish profile, reduced hearing and it itches mid game if you sweat as much as me … which is a lot. But these are all tradeoffs to do with personal preference and price rather than performance, if you’re looking for a good solid mask that’s cheap and performs well then look no further, and if you’re sad and like to think you look like a Spartan whilst wearing it, then seek mental help.

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