Planet Eclipse Geo Review


The new Planet Eclipse Geo was met with the usual mix of excitement and anticipation of any new marker. The first incarnation of spool valve marker from Planet had a lot to live up to as my team had just switched from another supplier of spool valve marker.

The box is the same as the ego box, with all the Allen keys, manual, barrel sock, lube and spares all neatly packed into high density foam. The geo in fire is better looking in real life than in print and instantly the thing that jumps out at you is how light it is compared to other spool markers. I don’t mean a little I mean stupidly lighter than other spools on the marker.

The real test was in the training, so we screwed on the 693 barrel a good air system and hopper and off to the chrono station. When switched on we where met with the chirp from the audio alerts on the board, Eyes on straight from the box the geo with training paint was firing 280 feet per seconds with a plus or minus of 4 feet per second.

The gun out the box is good enough to walk straight out on to the field and play with ,so we did. From the gate the weight seemed to be distributed evenly pushing the gun back into your shoulder. Grip frame feels as natural as any of the great eclipse guns making wrapping your hand round the gun and getting even the fattest fingers on to the trigger. From game on the trigger responded at lightening speed allowing for fast even trigger pulls. The thumb hole between the trigger guard and reg allowed for a real grip allowing us to really treat the gun rough and throw it in and out of snap shots.

The stock barrel on and unmatched paint the geo was amazingly accurate and had good grouping from end to end of the field, giving us the confidence to shoot on two or three targets accurately. Playing point after point with the geo we soon realised that we didn’t need to fill the tank half as much as with other markers, so the claim on it’s air efficiency is spot on. Again there are things you can do to the air chamber and dwell to make it more efficient, but out the box it’s really good.

Off the field at the end of the day we decided to see how easy it was to maintain. Removing the bolt guide, can and bolt was very simple. A quick wipe down and check of the o-rings, re greased and back in the gun in only a few minutes.

After a full days training of being thrown about like you would a site marker the geo had stood up to all the challenges we asked of it. It looks good and works just as well. Planet has managed to solve the inherent fault of spool valves, the air efficiency. The geo has all the good points of the spool valve and none of the bad making a solid platform that we would all happily shoot.


  • Light
  • Efficient
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Attractive


  • Price

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By: Steve Wood


Manufacturers Website: Planet Eclipse






Setup: Planet Eclipse Geo-Velocity-Draxxus field paint

Planet Eclipse Geo Gallery

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  1. admin
    March 8, 2009, 4:46 pm

    Just like to say thankyou very much to Steve Wood, fantastic review and very gratefully received.


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  2. Ogall
    May 26, 2009, 12:08 am

    Nice gun and wonderfull review!

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