Dye Lock Lid Pods Review


These pods are awesome, they are probably the best pods i have ever had the pleasure of using. They open easily with one hand, look great, feel good, just a wow all around!

The new dye lock lid pods feature the easy to use button system, preventing spillage during the game and keeping them locked when running. The sliding lock means that with the slide of the thumb the pod opens easily and the paint is dispensed quickly and safely.

Upon spending another session with these pods i have realised a few more things, they are significantly larger than they look, and for a big pod this is about right! Also the dimple effect means they grip much more securely in your packs or tac vests. Also the locking lid is very good although on occasions the lid doesn’t quite sit right but this is very unlikely to affect your game!

A well thought through product which functions perfectly and and for the money is a worthy purchase.


  • Various Colours
  • 160 Balls per pod
  • Open on request easily
  • Minimal Paint Spillage
  • Wont open during play
  • Secure
  • Great Button


  • Price


Great product, I highly recommend if you have a bit if spare cash!! Featuring some of the latest and best technology on the market! Secure and Safe!

Forum Discussion

By: Cam and Kyle


Manufacturers Website: Dye Precision

Price:£20 for 6





Setup: Dye Lock Lid Pods (Smoke), with Draxxus Pulse Whitebox Paint

Dye Lock Lid Pods Gallery

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