Bob Long Marq Rapper Review


Released in 2007 as a slight step up from the now-discontinued Marq7, the Rapper is identical internally to the Marq6 (later revision) and Marq7 that preceeded it, only the milling and weight being different.
The Rapper is, like all Marqs, a revolutionary inline poppet valve. It is not, as many think, a spool valve, but is still a ram-driven poppet that has been engineered to be a single tube marker.

It weighs in stock as just a bit over 2 lbs. This makes it the 2nd lightest of all Marqs next to the Closers. While not rivaling ultra lightweights like the G3 or Egos, it is not uncomfortable in any way. The biggest knock on the ergonomics of the Rapper is that it is the only Marq to have a piece of milling sticking out the front of it below the barrel, which if you hold your hand high, can be quite uncomfortable.

These are one of the smoother poppet valves available. One of the reasons that many people confuse these with spools is that they are very nearly as smooth as a spool valve when shooting. The pillow bolt helps to ensure that you get no rollback, and helps give it a much softer shot than many comparable markers, too. It does, however, give up the efficiency that most poppets are renowned for to achieve this level of smoothness. However, Bob Long has addressed this, and there is now the Proficiency kit available, which will bring the Marq series up to 1700-1900 shots off a 68/4500 (Closer EXP has this stock).

Most people find the stock trigger to be very comfortable, and there is little side to side slop in it. The stock Frenzy board is compatible with all current tournament rules, and if you get an outdated version of the software that does not have it, Bob Long will reflash the board to the latest version for no charge other than shipping.

Another highly touted upgrade to the Marq series is the 4C eye system. Although of no use if you use ramping, when used in Semi-auto it has been shown that it can allow for faster rates of fire.

Maintenance is much more involved than many poppets, being much more similar to a spool in terms of what’s required. Like always, Bob Long recommends Dow55 for all non-moving orings.

The feedneck is EXTREMELY low profile, but is a love it or hate it design. It is too small for some feednecks, and doesn’t allow for enough adjustablity to fit all feednecks. I personally am of the “hate it” group. I vastly prefer a traditional clamping neck.


  • Small & Light
  • Kick similar to a spool
  • Attractive


  • Stock efficiency
  • Maintenance is much more involved than most poppets
  • Possibly uncomfortable due to lip of metal below barrel


If you don’t mind the extra maintenance, but enjoy the smoother shot like a spool valve would deliver, this is a great marker. With the proficiency kit, can achieve the levels of efficiency that poppets are famous for, while still giving a nearly spool-like shot.

Forum Discussion

By: Timothy L. Miller


Manufacturers Website: Bob Long Direct






Setup: Marq Rapper, Dye Rotor, Guerrilla Air 68/4500 stubby (w/ Myth). Stock BL Assassin barrel.

Bob Long Marq Rapper Gallery

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