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WDP really set the bench mark when they unleashed the Angel 1, offering greater accuracy, smaller size and increased reliability over its predecessors; the A4-based A4 Fly and A4. So lets face it, they were only going to excel themselves when it came to releasing a Fly version. So here it is, the A1 Fly, the stripped down, leaner, meaner and altogether lighter version of its big brother.

One of the main hallmarks of the Angels previous ‘Fly’ versions were their light weight, hence the name Fly. The A1 Fly is no different. Now A1 platform was already a light marker, but regardless Angel’s engineers aggressively attacked any excess weight on the marker, shaving off weight anywhere they could. The final result is an aggressive milling design, intended to shred off any excess fat. Those little boffins didn’t just stop at the frame though, attacking the marker’s internals as well, with a brand new hammer design to complement the A1 Fly’s Magno-Valve, which uses repelling magnets to allow for lower operating pressures, decreased dwell times and increased efficiency, as well as almost completely eliminating any remaining kick.

Straight out of the box, the first thing you noticed is the rough texture of the grips and the panels on the regulator. Referred to this as ‘fly paper’, Angel’s intention is to enhance the users grip on the marker no mater what’s covering your grubby little mitts.

Another new addition is the feed neck, featuring a shorter, stronger lever to clamp the feedneck down on a hopper as the previous A1 lever had a tendency to bend. The feed neck itself is altogether a sleeker, lighter part. But what really sets the Fly apart from the original A1 is it trigger system. In the Fly, the trigger sits on a precision-ground shaft with bearings at either end of it. The trigger is secured to the shaft using a set screw. The trigger is fully adjustable for front stop, back stop, magnetic return and activation point. As a result the trigger is beautifully balanced, silky smooth and has no lateral movement what so ever.

In the box you will also find 3 barrel backs – .691, .693, and .695 bore sizes. The front of the two piece barrel being made by Sly Equipment out of Carbon Fiber.

Also setting the Fly apart from the crowd is the aforementioned Magno-valve, which uses repelling magnets to locate and return the valve stem during the firing cycle. In the A1 model, the valve was located and returned by a spring, which was thought too take long to afford precise opening and closing of the valve, which then would lead to effected air efficiency. With the all new Magno-Valve (which is backwards compatible with the A1) the repelling magnets control the valve, which allows for shorter dwell times, more consistency, and efficiency equal or beyond that of other high end markers.


  • Fast as sin
  • Accurate
  • Great air efficiency
  • Gorgeous
  • Great after sale support


  • Expensive


Epic. Truly epic. Combined with the fantastic Dye Rotor, its truly a blistering piece of kit.

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By: Jay (Altair)


Manufacturers Website: Angel Paintball






Setup: Angel A1 Fly Gothic (Limited Edition), Dye Rotor, Pure Energy 68cu HPA

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  1. bob long
    April 2, 2009, 6:42 pm

    Is this better than a rap4 shot gun????

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  2. Altair
    April 3, 2009, 7:24 pm

    Yes. Yes it is 😀

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