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Released in 2006, but still produced, the Angel 1 is the current mid-level marker from APS. Received a bad reputation when it was first released due to quality issues on their initial version of the bolt and ram. This has long since been fixed, and all A1’s now made are the v2. The A1 was a revolutionary design in many ways. It was the first stock board to be released that is user upgradeable, and it was the first OLED board released. It also has laser eyes stock, and uses 2 separate eye ribbons, so that if one breaks, you can just replace 1 instead of having to replace both eyes.

The Angel isn’t the lightest thing out, but is not in any way a heavy weight. They’re remarkably soft on paint, being one of the best markers for ultra-brittle paint thanks to it’s soft-face bolt and it’s ability to program into the board to be more gentle on paint. Even some spool valve markers aren’t this gentle.
Efficiency is where the A1 hurts. The design took a leap BACKWARDS in terms of it’s efficiency. Although the v2 parts helped get some back, efficiency off a 68/4500 is only around 1400-1500 shots. That’s about 300 shots shy of the A1’s predecessor, the G7 Fly.

Some people knock the Angels for using metric allen wrenches, but it comes with every allen wrench required to take it completely apart, so it’s not really a very good argument. It also comes with a 4 piece barrel kit, .691 .693 .695 backs and a front.

At the end of the day, maintenance is where this shines compared to some markers. No need to take anything apart. Put a couple drops of love juice (also included) in the ASA, and dry-fire to lube up the internals. That’s it.

These can easily be found used now for around $300 since they’ve been out for so long. With a Magno kit, it fixes it’s major weakness, the efficiency, and further drops it’s already little kick and makes it even smoother. With Magno kit, the A1 will get 1800+ shots off a 68/4500 when broken in. A very recommended upgrade.


  • Easy to Maintain
  • Attractive
  • Inexpensive compared to others in it’s performance category
  • Comes with a barrel kit
  • Comes with all the tools you need to service it


  • Not popular, so hard to find knowledgeable individuals locally to work on them if you don’t know what’s wrong in most places


A solid marker now that APS has the bugs worked out.Can be easily upgraded into a simply amazing marker.Can easily be found very inexpensive in the used market.

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By: Timothy L. Miller


Manufacturers Website: Angel Paintball

Price:£750.00 Retail





Setup: Angel 1 stock .691 barrel, DXS Triumph and Visible Impact paint, Nitro duck 68/4500, Pinokio

Angel 1 Gallery

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