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Dye Lock Lid Pods Review

Review These pods are awesome, they are probably the best pods i have ever had the pleasure of using. They open easily with one hand, look great, feel good, just a wow all around! The new dye lock lid... Read More »

We are on Twitter!

Hi just a small update for you we are now on twitter, to follow our twets please go to and watch our updates. Our twitter is directly linked to the website, and every time there is a new... Read More »

First Endeavor Paintball Quest

Review The Quest is one of the more underrated markers. Many people have never even heard of them, much less used them. They initially had very poor quality control, and issues plagued the markers for quite some time after... Read More »

Bob Long Marq Rapper Review

Review Released in 2007 as a slight step up from the now-discontinued Marq7, the Rapper is identical internally to the Marq6 (later revision) and Marq7 that preceeded it, only the milling and weight being different. The Rapper is, like... Read More »

JT Elite Alpha Mask Review

Review I have used this mask for several games, both outside in the cold, and indoor in an urban combat scenario. At all times the mask has largely kept free from misting (although I did use anti-fogging compound), even... Read More »

V Force Grills Review

Review The most recent model to come from V Force, the Grills feel as good as they look – offering you over 12 different variations of colours. With a mixture of ridged plastic and rubber they offer a great... Read More »

Angel A1 Fly Review

Review WDP really set the bench mark when they unleashed the Angel 1, offering greater accuracy, smaller size and increased reliability over its predecessors; the A4-based A4 Fly and A4. So lets face it, they were only going to... Read More »

Proto Switch Masks Review

Review The product I will be reviewing today ladies and gentlemen is the Proto Switch line of paintball masks. Now the first thing you should know is that being made by Dye (as proto is a subsidiary made by... Read More »

Short Smart Parts Ion Review

Review The Smart Parts Ion is a fabulous “first” marker, High rates of fire straight out of the box. This marker is able to compete with the more expensive markers with the right upgrades. Upgrades for this marker and... Read More »

Angel 1 Review

Review Released in 2006, but still produced, the Angel 1 is the current mid-level marker from APS. Received a bad reputation when it was first released due to quality issues on their initial version of the bolt and ram.... Read More »

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